Line layouts

• Plant lay-out designed to suit speed profile, customer requirements and space availability
• Selection and design of appropriate conveyor systems, including loads, speeds, feeds and dynamics.
• Design and installation of guide-rails and flow control components.
• Establish compatibility of interconnecting machinery and other conveyors.
• Calculate conveyor buffer requirements
• Design line lay-out with the aid of computer based design software


• Components and structure engineered with the aid of computer based software
• Software designed drawings used to laser cut components
• All moving parts, nylon and bottle wearing components are tested and used in leading high speed environments
• All conveyors are pre-assembled and tested in our workshop before shipping commence.
• Installations are done by experienced artisans involved with the manufacturing process.
• Spare parts and maintenance manuals supplied if required.

Conveyor manufacture

• Single slat chain conveyors from slow wine lines of 5000 Bph to high speed production lines with speeds up to
60000 Bph.
• Multi chain mass conveyoring
• Pressure free combiners up to speeds of 60000 Bph
• Pressure combiners up to speeds to 18000 Bph
• Deceleration and acceleration tables
• Combiners and diverters

Air conveyors

• The air conveyor uses a system of blowers, air chambers and specially louvered top plates to convey regular
shaped products at high speed with very low back pressure. Ideal for products such as PET containers.
• High volume, low pressure blowers provide the air flow through perforated louvers to drive product.
• Minimum moving parts means minimal maintenance.
• Variety of widths, lengths, curves, straights, inclines and declines available for complete systems building.
• Very low back pressure accumulation.

Crate / box conveyors

• Crate conveyors are manufactured in stainless stainless steel or powder coated frames with electroplated rollers.
• Crate conveyors are also manufactured using stainless steel slat band, belting or mat top.
Bends are manufactured with tapered rollers or flexible magnetic slat band.

Pallet conveyors

• Pallet conveyors are manufactured with rollers or with carrier chains depending on operational requirements.
• Turnstations and pop up stations are manufactured to complete line design.
• Pallet stackers and destackers are designed where buffering is required on high speed packaging lines.


• Crown, cork and cap elevator bucket conveyor feeders.
• Crown air feeding systems with blower, feed hopper and receiving hopper.
• Structure manufactured from stainless steel.

Process piping and welding

• The company undertakes various piping projects and have certified stainless steel welders on our staff.
• We have installed product lines and various services to plant in breweries and soft drink plants.
• Turnkey conveyor lubrication systems including supply, conveyor piping and manifolds for slat band conveyors are
• Cleaning systems for external CIP are designed and installed.
• Chemical dosing systems for bottle washers, crate washers and filler CIP sytems are installed to support our
automation department.

General engineering

• Change part trolleys and storage racks for machines such as fillers and labellers are manufactured for machines
which have multiple pack sizes.
• Our fabrication department is capable of assisting where operator access stairways and platforms are
• By making use of laser cutting facilities we can assist with reengineering of various machine parts.


• Schullpak has been installing bottling equipment and complete lines for various customers in the brewing and soft
drink industry throughout sub Saharan Africa.
• These include bottle washers, pasteurisers,fillers and other dry end equipment on high speed bottling lines.
• Bottling line relocation and reconfiguration, supported by our ability to manufacture necessary additions has been
undertaken with success for leading soft drink suppliers in Africa.
• Our inhouse competencies which includes electrical, automation, mechanical and piping/ fabrication puts us in a
position to handle turnkey projects cost effectively and efficiently.