Schullpak provides cost effective products and services that support hardware products like Siemens, Danfoss, Schneider, Allen Bradley, Weidmuller, Phoenix and other devices used in the industry. The selection criteria are dependent on our client’s needs and application. We advise the client as to which topology/PLC hardware layout to utilize for a specific application, but the final decision rest with the client.


The following are different hardware options that can be introduced into a plant:
• Panel mounted with various BUS sytem comms from PLC
• Panel mounted with direct wiring from the PLC
• Field mounted with BUS control


Sensors and interfacing:
• Hardwired to PLC
• Wired to field mounted drive to utilize available inputs from drive
• Remote ASI slaves
• Remote BUS slaves


• Hardwired from PLC i/o cards
• Remote i/o cards via BUS or ASI

Software & SCADA systems


We specialise in Siemens S7-200, 300, 400 programmable logic controllers. Sequential control is mainly programmed in function block diagram or ladder logic and is interchangeable to suit the customer. Higher level control like analog and speed control is done in statement list.
Software is developed from sequential flow charts based on the machinery or equipment to be programmed.
Summary of our most popular software projects:
• Palletisers
• Bottle warmers
• CIP Plants
• De-palletisers
• Crate conveyors, pallet conveyors and bottle conveyors
• Washers
• Crate Washers
• Fillers (Including electronic bowl level control systems)
• Labellers
• Packers and unpackers
• PFC’s (PLC controlled to 60,000 BPH and Micro-processors)
• etc


HMI (Human Man Interface) panels and Multi-panels are programmed with careful consideration for the balance between depth of control and sensing data, and simplicity of operation. We provide a vast array of features that made our interfaces popular, as well as specific requirements by the client. Our interfaces are simple, reliable and attractive.

Documentation and Training

All control systems developed by us are accompanied by detailed and accurate documentation produced at an international standard. We also offer training on our products or installations.


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