About Schullpak.

Schullpak is an engineering company that provides high quality products and services for the food and beverage packaging industry. We help our customers meet their potential in maximizing efficiency, productivity and profitability. We provide turnkey solutions to our customers, where project management is reduced and ownership is placed with one entity, allowing customers to continue with normal operations while executing the project. We understand our customers’ needs and we are relentless in ensuring that they are met. With thousands of jobs around the globe, and our multi-disciplined and highly skilled staff, we have more than enough experience to help you reach your goals.


Schullpak was established in 1997 by three members who had gained over 30 years of collective experience at leading food and beverage companies, in different sectors of the packaging process. This combination of skill, knowledge and experience has formed the fundamentals of our success, as this has led to the variety of products and services we currently offer. Today Schullpak can boast over 100 years of valuable insight and experience in the industry, thanks to the expertise of our collaborative staff and teams.


Our mission is to ensure we thoroughly understand our customer’s needs, and make sure they are met by providing the highest quality solutions. We aim to become the primary and trusted advisor to our clients, and to sustain a supply of world-class products and services, to our world-class customers. We pride ourselves in our strong long standing relationships not only with our customers, but also with leading machine and equipment manufacturers, which puts us in a position to service most of your packaging requirements.

We continually work on growing our organisation, and the management team is dedicated in making sure we have a strategic, clear and focused effort in doing so. This has allowed us to meet growing demands by strategically deploying branches in areas that provide a streamlined support system for our widespread customers.

We recognise that our most valuable assets are our employees. We therefore strive to provide them with a safe, nurturing, diverse and honest environment, to help meet their needs and reach their personal and career goals.

Schullpak is relentless in accomplishing our mission, and in doing so, will be successful and will ultimately contribute to the success of our clients, our employees and our stockholders.


Schullpak understands the potential risks and complexity of the environments that we work in and therefore take every precaution to ensure that safety, for all of our employees, is a primary concern. All of our employees participate in high quality training on the latest health and safety procedures and policies on a regular basis, making their personal wellbeing a primary objective. We have a full-stop work policy for every single employee, which entitles him or her to object to any activity that he or she may feel to be unsafe.

All potential project risks are identified, made safe, checked and handled by the Project and Team Managers to ensure the safety of not only our employees, but also the in-house customer staff on site. All Project and Team Managers take full responsibility of the health and safety of all our employees and contractors for a project, as well as disciplinary enforcement for all health and safety procedures and policies.

We regularly review our safety program and continually strive to improve and update the methods and our knowledge on safety procedures, as well as environmental regulations. All employees are encouraged to participate in the ongoing improvement process without fear of retribution or retaliation for reporting unsafe practices.



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