Process machinery

Bottle Warmers

The fully automated bottle warmer is used for cold filling carbonated drinks in glass bottles or cans, for a minimum temperature rise of 5 degree c up to a maximum of 24 degree c to ensure no visible condensation on the container exist. The Warmers are designed to fit the line speed and normally runs 10% faster than the Filler. Variables considered with the Warmer profile depend on container type, product, inlet temperature and the through time to achieve the required output temperature.
Heating can either be achieved with heat exchangers or steam coils inside the machine. Complete heat reducing and condensate return stations can be included if required.

Crate Rinser

We develop crate rinsers with an average throughput of 50 crates per minute, suitable for lines speeds in excess of 32,000 bottles an hour. The rinsers feature a crate inverter and waste catchment with easy access and extraction. The crates go through 2 stages of high pressure washing and rinsing respectively. The high pressure washing recirculates the water for resource conservation and the use of chemicals or regular water is optional.


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